There are a few companies whose main job is to lend money that requires you to be 25 years old. But thankfully, only a few of them are surprising. This means that if you are between the age of 18 (which is the minimum age for borrowing money in Denmark) and 24 years, then you have a fantastic number of companies to choose from.

Whatever type of loan you are considering taking. Common to the loans – if you choose them on the web or on your mobile phone – is that the application and approval go both easy and fast, that you just as quickly access the money, that you do not have to provide security and that you do not have to disclose, why you would like to borrow money.

The benefits of online loans

The benefits of online loans

The application consists of very little information; such as name, address and CPR number. You get a response to your application very quickly, because the companies do not research much about you.

What they are investigating may be, for example, whether you actually live in Denmark and whether your email address and telephone number are active. Therefore, you can get answers to your application within minutes, from some companies.

Once you have received your approval


You must sign your application. You must do this with your NemID, which is your assurance that others will not take out loans in your name. In addition, it is the company’s assurance that it is you personally who lends the money. This means that you can send applications to many companies, and then accept yes for the best offer. After that, it will take up to a few days for the money to be available in your account.

At many companies, you can get the money on the same day you sign, which can be optimal if you need to spend money here and now. Another reason why it is going so strong is that you do not have to provide collateral for your loan. Finally, do not disclose what you want to spend the money on. Whether it’s a backpacking trip in South America or a vacation in Tenerife, whether it’s a new computer or new television, whether it’s fixing up your car, home appliances or anything else, it’s up to you. You borrow the money and you use them as you please.

What are the disadvantages of loans

What are the disadvantages of loans

There may well be drawbacks to taking out a loan online. If you do not research the various companies, you may find that the loan you have taken is not the cheapest for you. There is no need to pay expensive judgments for a loan, and that is also something you can avoid by applying for loans for those under 25 and then comparing the companies. Another disadvantage is if you do not know how much to borrow. If you borrow too little, the money won’t work and you may need to take out another loan. This cannot be answered, as a single loan is always much cheaper to have than two or more smaller loans, which ALL have to be paid off. On the other hand, if you borrow too much, you have to pay it all back, even if you don’t need all the money. There is also no reason to pay off for too long and to pay interest throughout this period.

Then you are under 25 and would like to borrow money. So do like everyone else and research the market before making your choice. You will be amazed at how big the differences can be with loans of the same size at different companies. They probably have to make money on the loan, but you can make sure they don’t make too much money.

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