Credit to business executives: what advantages?

People with an executive position within a company can often benefit from better acceptance conditions when applying for private credit. What are the steps to take as a business executive? What documents to provide and what rate to expect? Our analysis.   How do managers benefit from better private credit terms? When analyzing a credit […]

We explain your choices regarding bond term and mortgage

All mortgages have some form of maturity, which makes it important to know how this affects the loan itself. Here we will therefore try to go through this a little closer to see the impact. Usually, the bidding time is usually divided into two different parts and it is fixed interest rate and variable interest […]

10000 USD Payday Loan

Personal loan Note: 1 The overdraft interest rate depends on the performance of the 3-month Dimoer (reference interest rate). If the amount has changed by at least 0.25 percentage points against the relevant contract or recent interest rate adjustment, the contractual overdraft and overdraft facility rates will be 15 February, 15 May, 15 August or […]

Credit with co-applicants – more credit at a low interest rate

Credit with a co-applicant comes about if the borrower does not have sufficient creditworthiness. But not only then, even if a mortgage with a high loan amount is sought, banks require a co-applicant. That’s usually the spouse. But even with limited creditworthiness, banks require a solvent co-applicant.   The most important thing – read quickly […]

Savings for their children

According to a survey conducted by Good Finance, three quarters of parents save their children, and one in four of them regularly. The average savings amount is $ 30 per month, which is usually credited to your account. However, most do not save for any particular purpose. Regular savings for children “I was delighted that […]